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My site is in the making and it probably won't get finished anytime soon. This is because I am re-making The Thing And The Guy. The site now is completely so right now the url is a sub-domain from ucoz: MarzFlash.uCoz.Com. If you look at it now is just says The site is under construction, blah blah blah and My official logo for MarzFlash. The site will have all my flash animation and comics and some of my art from Deviant Art, My Deviant Art. If you are wierd and really want my site done then you will have to wait but for now please be patient and I will get on to it ASAP!

I'll tell you...

2009-09-07 00:06:06 by marzo999

I'll tell you when I hake a newground worthy flash in the meantime go and uh eat a bolony sandwhich.


2009-06-30 16:01:38 by marzo999

Ok im not gonna make that kelvin the dinosaur thing...its a i've started something else its called's gonna be a small short animation of a kid at the movies :)


its coming

2009-03-18 20:47:09 by marzo999

im making a new dino animation sereies called kilvin the dinosaur
my animatiing skills have improved so come and wait for it

its coming

my website

2009-03-10 12:42:05 by marzo999

im here advertising my comic only has one comic right now but im going to advertise it heres the link

ill start putting my flash there as well

p.s. it's a very very very very very empty site now. im gonna update it later


new coming

2009-02-22 13:18:07 by marzo999

im making a new animation...this baby's gonna have sound and better movment.
i hope you enjoy this one more than my previous things. oh and it will have acting.

And violence!!!!!!!

p.s. its not a stick man animation

new coming

yay!!! i finished!!!!

2009-01-24 16:48:44 by marzo999

oh yeah i feel good that i finnaly finished my animation. i actually like it a lot, but thats my opinion i'd like to hear yours to

this is way better than my previous stuff so go ahead enjoy.
oh yeah to rewatch it you will have to click the "x" and click "watch this movie" again because i used action script to make it stop when he gets burnt.

i'm getting better

2009-01-24 15:59:19 by marzo999

so since my other submissions have been blammed like 60x i decided to apply myself more in flash
and the little animation i'm creating is exelent so far

first flash submission

2008-12-28 17:02:02 by marzo999

i finished my first submission just don't blam it please i'm a bigginer

i got flash!!!

2008-12-21 23:07:22 by marzo999

i finnaly got flash so i'll start making animations so don't go away...if u get bored visit my profile at