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Entry #11

My official site is in the making.

2010-03-02 23:45:35 by marzo999

My site is in the making and it probably won't get finished anytime soon. This is because I am re-making The Thing And The Guy. The site now is completely so right now the url is a sub-domain from ucoz: MarzFlash.uCoz.Com. If you look at it now is just says The site is under construction, blah blah blah and My official logo for MarzFlash. The site will have all my flash animation and comics and some of my art from Deviant Art, My Deviant Art. If you are wierd and really want my site done then you will have to wait but for now please be patient and I will get on to it ASAP!


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2010-05-20 21:22:38

monkey penis